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New FDA Information about Strattera and harmful behaviors

New FDA Information about Adderall

New FDA Information about Antidepressants

New FDA Information about liver issues and Strattera


First check the specific topics above for related medications.  If more information is needed, try:

RxList gives detailed information about all drugs.   The first few headings are rather technical.  It gets easier after that.

Internet Mental Health maintains highly usable information on most of the medications used for neurological and psychiatric conditions.  [The information for these drugs are from Canadian monographs. There can be differences in indications, dosage forms and warnings for these drugs in other countries.] has good information, including pictures of the pills, and a drug interaction page.


Disclaimer: This Web site is presented as a resource to patients.  It does not constitute medical advice; nor is it a substitute for discussion between patients and their doctors.  The views of cited references do not necessarily represent  the views of our staff.

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