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Under the dictum that "less is more," has been very selective in the resources listed for each of the above conditions.  However, for more extensive references, also try the superb sites listed below.  These sources cover a very wide range of pediatric neurological conditions. You will be surprised with what you can find, especially the range of support groups.

Caution:  There is some fantastic medical information on the internet. There is also a lot of disastrous, unproven, and misleading junk.  The views of cited references do not necessarily represent  the views of our staff.

bulletFAMILY VILLAGE maintains an absolutely wonderful guide to everything of use to people with disabilities.  Search the Library for information and links about specific neurological conditions.  There is also a Shopping Mall for assistive technology.  Most importantly, this site is highly useable.  Bookmark this site!
bulletDANA .  Sponsored by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, this site can guide you to almost any information.   In particular, they maintain an annotated listing of Web sites and support groups which you can search by diagnosis.  Bookmark this site!
bulletThe Dana Alliance, 745 Fifth Ave., Suite 700, NY, NY  10151
bulletPhone: (212) 593-7623
bulletNINDS (National Inst. of Neurological Disorders and Stroke).  A database of public information on a wide range of neurological disorders, organized simply by diagnosis.
bulletNORD.   This site is sponsored by NORD, the National Organization for Rare Diseases.   This is another spectacular data base on rare (and common) diseases.   Resources include descriptions of individual diseases as well as links to support groups.
bulletNORD, POB 8923, New Fairfield, CT 06812
bullet(800) 999-6673.
bullet has an illustrated encyclopedia and covers more than 1500 pediatric health topics. Very useful.
bulletCHILD NEUROLOGY Home Page contains extensive listings relevant to professionals and patients.  Check out their e-mail mailing list for parents.
bullet CHILD NEUROLOGY FOUNDATION is an advocacy program for pediatric neurological issues.
bulletINTERNET MENTAL HEALTH has a very effective pharmacy section as well as other resources about neurological and psychiatric conditions.
bulletAMERICAN ACADEMY OF CHILD AND ADOLESCENT  PSYCHIATRY has a series of brief fact sheets for families on conditions such as bed wetting, childhood grief, adoption, etc. is a gateway consumer health and human services information web site from the United States government. Very comprehensive! is a well done on-line bookstore with an excellent search engine. They can find almost any book.  One click and it is in the mail to you.
bullet is a wonderful, unique, and easy to use website for keeping families up to date about a loved one's  illness.
bulletBrain Injury Association of America is an  excellent gateway to information on head trauma.
bulletNeurofibromatosis (National NF Foundation).
bulletThrough the Looking Glass maintains links for parents and children with disabilities.
bullet William Gladden Foundation  has excellent free articles on topics including ADHD, OCD, and anxiety.
bullet Center for Children with Special Needs of Children's Hospital in Seattle, Washington has excellent resources and links.


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